Everyone hates to think about bugs and rodents creeping into their homes, making chaos, eating food and gnawing through electrical wires! It can soon turn into a real headache, as well increase the possibility of exposing yourself to health problems associated with pests. Here you will find some of the top ideas to keep your home safe from unwanted visitors:


It’s important to find any entrances that are used to creep into your property, so go on a hunt around your entire home, including all the nooks and crannies. Check the foundations and you may find holes or cracks that need to be filled immediately. Mice can enter through the tiniest gaps so make sure you do not overlook any gaps, no matter how small they may seem.

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Mice are good climbers so a stroll outside your property will reveal whether any overhanging branches that touch the house or hedges against the exterior wall. Rats will use hedging to nest in and if the hedges touch the property, you can give them easy access to a crack in your foundations. Trim back any vegetation that touches your home to reduce the possibility of this happening. For help eliminating problems, contact Pest Control Chelmsford at a site like https://www.stgeorgespestcontrolessex.co.uk/pest-control-essex-services/pest-control-chelmsford/

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Be careful about getting rid of garbage and food outside in the rubbish bins and inside the home as well. If you have pets, make sure you clean up the leftovers from their bowls and not leave it to attract other creatures. Lidded bins are the best solution, both inside and out and make sure they are not allowed to overflow.