Turning 18 has always been a big deal. Finally becoming an adult, well legally anyway! Suddenly, there are things available that you always wanted to do but couldn’t because you were too young, things like clubbing!

Nightclubs have been around for a long time and the tales of night’s out and fun memories makes young people even more desperate to try it out. However, your first time in a nightclub can be a daunting experience and feel a little overwhelming. You might not be sure what the rules or protocols are, plus you’ll want to make sure you know how to stay safe and get home safely.

Most of the tips for first-time clubbers are based on safety, such as making sure you buy your own drinks and never leave your drinks unattended. Also understanding your limit is important, so you don’t drink too much and make yourself ill or become incapacitated and unable to get home.

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Female clubbers are safer when they go in a group. Not only that but it’s also way more fun when you’re surrounded by friends having a great time too. Friends will back you up if something negative happens, looking out for you and even make sure you don’t drink too much. It’s also sensible to have a ‘getting home’ plan to stick to, so everyone knows what to do and what not to do. Don’t leave alone with anyone you’ve only just met or get into an unbooked taxi.

Once you’ve thought about the safety aspects, it’s time to work out where you’re going to go. Your first experience should be a great one, so you’ll want to choose a club with a great atmosphere, good music and within your budget. Don’t travel too far from home on your first trip to a club as it makes it easier to get home. Stay local, relax and have a good time. You can hit the bigger city clubs when you’ve had a bit more experience. Why not try a night out at a Cheltenham Nightclub like Late Night Coco?

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Don’t forget to carry some form of photo ID with you. Don’t try to get into a nightclub before you’re old enough. Not only do you risk being caught out but you could also be banned and then won’t be able to go when you do turn 18.

To make sure your first clubbing night is a great night to remember, try to drink responsibly and safely, have an emergency plan that you and all your friends understand and never put yourself at unnecessary risk by leaving drinks unattended for example.