Tips for a successful restaurant

Running a restaurant is a complicated business and there may be some common problems that you will face that all eateries struggle with at some point. There is a high level of competition and a lot of fine details to improve but to understand what the problem is, you can prepare to face these challenges head on and with success. 60% of businesses fail within the first year so make sure that you are not one of those statistics.

Having a unique selling point is very important and helps to make sure your business successful and known for something special in your area. Great food and top-class customer service, while very important, are things that would be expected but you need to go one better than that and offer your customers a reason why they have to eat at your establishment and not others. A unique selling point will mean that your customers remember you and establishes an emotional link between your business and customers. Always invest in what you need and don’t be tempted to cut corners. Find Catering Equipment Specialists for all your kitchen needs.

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The menu is also an issue that needs careful consideration. Do you have a theme to obey? Is your food a good price? Do you offer too many or too few items to choose from? Getting a great menu is a bit of a balancing act. Try to keep your menu according to your unique selling point, or you can go way off track and eventually offer customers a confusing experience. Too many choices also means ordering a lot of stock and having it available at all times. It may make good business sense to offer a well managed small menu that fits well with your selling point. For all your catering equipment needs, visit a Catering Equipment Specialists like Roundstone.

Customer service can be a sticking point for the restaurant. This is what your customers will remember first and foremost about your establishment, regardless of how wonderful your food. If your service is bad, then the customer will remember. To avoid problems in this case, make sure all your staff, from bottom to top are trained in the ethos of your company and dedicated to creating the best customer experience. Any contact should be friendly and approachable.

Consider that today, customers are now able to post reviews online immediately and if your customer service is less than spot on, it can immediately impact your reputation with a lot of potential visitors checking out the reviews online ahead of their visit.

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Failing to give enough attention to marketing is another common problem in the restaurant business. Concentrate on building up the company’s corporate ethos, logos, graphics and guidelines and apply consistently throughout. Make sure your website is up to date, regularly add to the latest news and be responsive enough to work on tablets and mobile phones. Utilizing social media is very important in reaching many people, informing them of discounts or loyalty schemes and spreading the word about new dishes. Writing a blog is another way to keep in touch with your customers and you can get a lot of followers of like minded people in this way.

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