The wonderful world of energy efficient glass

Energy-efficient glass is a popular alternative to standard glass. This can be used in your home to reduce the cost of bills and make the whole home more eco-friendly, and it is growing in popularity as people become more environmentally conscious. This glass type can be used in everything from your standard windows right through to larger constructions like those installed by companies like

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This is very important in the modern world. After all, more and more British people are trying to be energy-efficient, so eco-friendly options are very popular.

Are you thinking about getting energy-efficient glass for your home? If so, check out our introduction to it below.

Why The Glass Is Energy-Efficient

Energy-efficient glass is different from older kinds of double glazing. This is because this type of glass is coated in low-emissivity glass, which makes it harder for heat to escape through the window. This means that warmth from the house is less likely to escape outside and cold air from the outside is less likely to get inside. This is especially important when using a Bifold doors swindon company to instal a stunning folding door into your home. Giving you easier access to your garden, increased light into your home and instantly creating a garden room.

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The Benefits Of Energy-Efficient Glass

One of the main benefits of energy-efficient glass is that it will reduce the cost of your energy bills. In fact, recent research from found that heat loss through the windows is often responsible for 30 per cent of heating use! Switching to energy-efficient glass will help you to save a significant amount of money each year, especially if your current windows are outdated.

Energy-efficient glass is also much better for the environment. This is because you won’t need to burn as many fossil fuels to heat your home, which is very important for eco-friendly people.

Finally, energy-efficient windows will improve your home’s energy performance, which will be shown to potential buyers on the home energy performance certificate. If you want to sell your home, energy-efficient windows can definitely help, although this benefit is admittedly not very useful to people who don’t want to sell their house!

Energy Ratings

If you want to buy energy-efficient windows for your home, it can be useful to learn about the energy rating scale first. Most window companies use an energy scale that ranges from A++ to E to measure the efficiency of their windows. An A++ window is excellent, while an E window is very inefficient. This scheme is run by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).


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