Whether or not you remember the 90s, the decade’s trends are making a big comeback, and henna is one of the trends leading the way. Used for hundreds of years to dye the hair and paint beautiful designs on the skin, the trend really took off in the 90s with celebrities like Madonna displaying amazing henna tattoos, and it is looking set to make a big comeback again.

The trend has grown with the readily available images and how to guides on social media now, henna artists are not only able to create their intricate designs but to share them with a wider audience. Not only that, but celebrities like Beyoncé and Rihanna have been spotted sporting these pretty designs, prompting their followers to follow suit.

So what is henna? Well it has been around since ancient Egyptian times, where it was first used as a hair dye due it’s deep red tones and then used as a skin paint as it is capable of lasting weeks on the skin. If you are ever lucky enough to be invited to a Hindu wedding you will probably see a whole array of glorious henna designs.

The Trend to Dye

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The lovely thing about henna is that it is temporary, so is of course very popular with festival goers and for special occasions like weddings and holidays without the commitment. Of course, if you have taken it one step further and are now regretting a permanent tattoo, check out tattoo removal service in Bristol, and get it removed. The beauty of henna is being able to change it whenever you like and not having to worry what your school/boss/ parents will say!

The Trend to Dye2

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So, if you are considering having a go at Henna yourself, what are the basics that you need, and need to know? Well first, you may want to practise drawing out different designs on a piece of paper first, as although not permanent, the dye will last a few weeks on the skin so it is best to get it right first time! Take your time and when you are happy with your design, put it on your skin. Use a guide like this one to help you if you are unsure of what you doing. Most of all though have fun with it! Henna is a great way to express yourself and your artistic side, and if you would rather go to a professional, there are plenty of great henna artists around the UK who will be happy to help you!