A garage is not just for a car. A lot of men treat the garage as their very own man cave, and here we have some ideas for the best gadgets and equipment to fit out the ultimate dream garage.

The Top Items for a Man's Dream Garage

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Pressure Washer

At some point as a home owner, you are going to need a pressure washer. Having one of these stashed in your garage allows you to clean your car and the outside of your house with ease. Old paint mould and mildew can all be blasted away with ease.

Step Ladders

You need a step ladder. No, really, you need a stepladder. Everybody needs a stepladder. From painting and decorating, to changing fire detector batteries with ease when they start to beep incessantly, stepladders are incredibly useful.

Disaster Kit

So it might not be a meteorite striking the earth or a global pandemic, it could be something as mundane as an extended power cut, but it is advisable to have an emergency kit in your home: basic medical supplies, torch and batteries, some dried rations, and water purifying tablets. Keep it in your garage and hope you never need it.


Toolbox, garage and car – it’s a mechanical ménage a trois. Whatever small jobs that need doing around the home, you will need the basic tools for the job: hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, tape measure, spirit level etc.

Power Tools

Power tools can be expensive, and its probably better to hire them unless you are going to use them a lot. However a power drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw and jog saw are the power tools that are most needed around the home.

Garage Doors

You need to keep all this kit and your car safe. Make sure you have high quality garage doors fitted to keep your garage safe, secure and weatherproof. If you are in London garage door repairs can be expensive, so get the best you can on your budget at http://garagedoorsrus.co.uk/.

Flat Screen HD TV

So you don’t want to miss a minute of your favourite show, but you need to change a car tyre? Do both, by fitting a flat screen HD TV to your garage.

Sports Car

Now after you have fitted everything else, make sure you have enough space for that classic Lamborghini Countach sports car.