The problems with a flying carpet

What’s the most exciting from of travel you can think of? I reckon that I can top it. I am Aladdin owner of the most magical carpet the world has ever seen! Why is it so magical I hear you ask? Well my friend it can fly! I do hope that you are not going to ask me how it is powered for I do not know save to say it is a magic beyond my understanding. Suffice to say it was gifted to me by a Genie that I discovered in a lamp and if you want to know you had better ask him, though he’s not telling!

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To be honest I’m really having you on. Fun though it is flying on the carpet there are quite a few drawbacks. Firstly, there is no windscreen meaning that one is liable to get a face full of sand should you go too low or enter a sandstorm. Secondly, a bird’s sense of direction can be pretty pathetic, especially when they fly in flocks. The carpet has no steering wheel so evasive actions are rather difficult. Thirdly, no air conditioning or roof, you feel the heat of the sun right on the back of your neck all the time out here and if you get a strong gust of wind it can ripple the thing like crazy making it an uncontrollable amount of woven silk that throws you all over the place. Fourthly there is nowhere to hang proper headlamps or fog lights on. You can’t weave that sort of thing into it so you can’t see where you’re going and no one can see you coming which is a bit of shock in the Kasbah as you shoot through there at 90 mph in the middle of the night I can tell you. Not good for them or me. Add to that the lack of windscreen and your mind becomes very focused when you find a kebab coming at you full pelt. You’ve hardly time to open you mind and take a bite.

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No wonder I’m seriously considering wearing a crash helmet.

Actually, I’m starting to think that this magic carpet business is a total waste of time. Luckily though there is one thing that I can solve. As you would expect flying about in a desert environment, and crashing through Kasbahs, can create a lot of muck and filth on the carpet and cleaning it is without doubt one of the most irritating things that you can do. It’s not like you can bung it in a washing machine or dump it in a river, it can’t take off if it’s saturated. This kind of thing needs specialist care, but, to be honest that’s the same for any carpet isn’t it? I read this scary article on all the little pests and that live in your carpet. Here is the link for you to take a look yourself. Although I do warn you, don’t read it before bedtime!

Perhaps I should show it a bit more tender loving care and treat it to a bit of pampering. I think I will take a look search Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company and see if I can find . They did such a lovely job on my palace carpet. Although this flying carpet is definitely more of a handful!

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