There are various ways you can make improvements to your home. Regular improvements make your home more pleasant to live in, and they can also add a certain amount of value. From a new kitchen and bathroom to an extension and even a new boiler, discover ways that improving your home can help to boost its value.

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Loft Conversions and Extensions

The major alterations you can do to your home are permanent, so you need to be sure they are worth it. Alterations include loft conversions, basements, garage conversions, extensions and conservatories. Studies have shown that a loft conversion can add 15% to the value of your home. Basements are more difficult and costly than lofts, but they can also add a large amount of value to your home. Always consider that an extra bedroom might not add as much value if you only have one bathroom.

A garage conversion can increase the value of your home by 6%. Conservatories are the most popular type of extension, and they provide extra living space. They are versatile but can also be costly, while only adding around 5% to the value of your home. Extensions can make a massive difference to your living space, but always weigh the costs against the potential returns. It is also important to check planning rules to make sure you are not breaking any laws.

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Smaller Home Improvements

A new boiler can make a big difference to your home. An old heating system with impractical controls will detract from your home’s value and will also mean it has low energy efficiency. Replace your system using a reliable service such as Whether you are looking for boiler installation Bristol or another location, finding the right experts will make replacing your boiler an easy job. Adding a new boiler will also save money on heating bills while adding up to 13% to the value of your home.

A new kitchen or bathroom can also make a big difference to your home. Old-fashioned bathrooms can detract from your property’s value, so remove old suites and install new white units. Use pale tiles and new taps, vinyl flooring and white paintwork. Similarly, if your kitchen is old and tatty, replace it with sleek new units. New kitchens and bathrooms can both add around 15% to your home’s value.