Summer weddings are very popular, so you may have entertained the idea of having a spring or winter one instead. No matter how romantic this idea may seem, you cannot deny the pull of a summer wedding. Here are some of the main reasons why the summer remains a popular time to get hitched:

More guests

When you send an invitation to a summer wedding, you’ll likely get a higher turnout. Schools have broken up and most of those in work will be booking leave, so you are more likely to catch people with time on their hands and who might even want to combine the wedding with a holiday break in the area. Find a stunning venue with Wedding Venues Newbury at a site like

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Better weather

While there is never a guarantee in the UK, the weather tends to be more consistent and warmer in the summer. Yes, we can have some lovely spring weather, but summer offers gorgeous long days and the promise of more consistent weather. Winter can create spectacular wedding settings but can also cause problems if ice or snow hit. What if suppliers and guests cannot get to the venue?

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Outdoor options

Choosing a summer date gives you a lot more options on where you can get married. It makes it easier to incorporate the outdoors into your celebration. Do you want to exchange vows in the garden, enjoy a cocktail on the terrace or play croquet on the lawn – it is much easier to achieve these during the summer.