As the song goes there is no-one quite like Grandma – and for the grandchildren of these famous grannies there most definitely isn’t, as these are the five most famous grannies in the world!

The Queen – The most famous granny of them all! Queen Elizabeth is not only a granny but a great granny – she has 8 grandchildren William and Harry of course, and Peter, Zara, Beatrice, Eugenie, Louise, and James, and 4 great grandchildren, Savannah, Isla, Charlotte and of course George who will one day be the King! Luckily, she has a very large house, with plenty of room for them all to play if they all decide to come and visit! If you are lucky enough to be the Queens Grandchild, your family gatherings are sure to be a real royal occasion whether in Buckingham Palace or Balmoral!

The Five Most Famous Grannies

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Kris Jenner – Not a royal, but definitely queen of the Kardashian clan, and of reality television, this is one glamourous granny who we can’t see living in a granny annexe from  doing her knitting! Kris is more likely to be seen on the red carpet, mixing with Hollywood royalty than baking apple pie and watching last of the summer wine! Kris is famously good at managing her ever growing family earning her the ‘momager’ nickname, and is great at courting the media. She is however, a doting mother and grandmother and very family focussed – like every good grandma!

Mrs Claus – Ok, so we don’t know that Mrs Claus is a granny, as like much of the festive secrets, details of Santa’s offspring remain shrouded in mystery, but Mrs Claus is the grandmotherly figure that we would all like to have! She is the sort of gran that would be there to greet you with a hot cup of cocoa and afterwards a tour of Santa’s workshop, with all the toys you can get your hands on! You can guarantee that Mrs Clauses grandchildren will never be wanting to leave their grans house!

Sharon Osborne – Another granny who isn’t the typical knitting type – Sharon can be a fearsome lady (especially if you are Simon Cowell, who she often loses her temper with on TV show the X Factor, and once even poured a glass of water on him!). Sharon famously started a successful business, married Ozzy and bravely overcame cancer, she is one great role model to have for her lucky grandchildren!

The Five Most Famous Grannies2

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Goldie Hawn – It is almost unbelievable that Goldie Hawn is a grandmother – still looking amazing Goldie has obviously passed on her great genes to her lucky daughter and her grandchildren! Goldie is a very hands- on grandmother, posting photos on Instagram of her running around with her grandchildren and crawling in the grass with them! Clearly her fun-loving and free-spirited nature hasn’t diminished with age!