The benefits of using concrete pumping in construction

Concrete pumping is the savvy way to simplify construction, add quality and accuracy and cut costs. How does it do this? By directing concrete exactly where it’s needed for optimum results.

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But don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re only used in large scale construction. Concrete pumping equipment can be just as beneficial and cost-effective when used in a smaller project.

Whether you use a boom or a line pump, this innovative construction method has a range of key benefits for your construction project, whatever the size.

Increased speed

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using concrete pumping services is the speed with which you can complete a construction task. Manually transporting and pouring concrete is a thing of the past, allowing you to work to a tight deadline with no compromise on quality.

Higher accuracy

Accurate concrete pumping results in nearly zero wastage, which is great news for your overheads. And because a concrete pump can access any area of a building site, it delivers exactly where you want it to with no lumps, spills or delays. That has a knock-on effect to the quality of your work.

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Lower labour costs

Another obvious benefit of concrete pumping services from a trusted company like is the reduction in the need for skilled labour. Pump operators eliminate the need for concrete to be transported around the site manually, whilst workers are free to focus on more specific tasks.

Improved strength

A concrete pump uses less water than other mixing methods, which means the concrete doesn’t shrink or crack as it dries, preserving its strength and integrity. Over time, the decision to use a concrete pump will be repaid with a structure that needs only minimal maintenance.


The biggest benefit of them all is the sheer convenience that concrete pumping machines bring to your construction project. Concrete pumps remove all the challenges and risks inherent in old school methods like barrowing and have little difficulty in reaching areas of a worksite that other methods can’t.

Jobs can be completed quickly, safely and to a tight deadline with greater accuracy and precision than ever before. Efficient and cost-effective, the many benefits of using concrete pumping methods are obvious to everyone on site, from contractors to workmen, allowing you to complete your construction project to the highest possible standards.

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