The beginning of First Aid.

There are multiple instances where First Aid is required. This is a useful skill to have although it is a very good idea to have Medical Indemnity from in your back pocket if you have the skills. What are the origins of First Aid? Where does it come from and how did we pick up the knowledge down through the ages?

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From pottery we can see that we owe much to the early Greeks for this. The Greeks were in considerable amounts of conflict with the Persian Empire and each other. As battles developed there is evidence that the Greeks had specialist soldiers skilled in the art of first aid. They soon developed the skill in bandages and treating the many cuts and broken bones that ensured in battle. The other classic example is that of the Good Samaritan who shows considerable skills in treating the wounds of the injured man on the road side.

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As with most things, the Romans take their ideas and skills from the Greeks. There are accounts of Legionnaires that were able to administer battlefield medical care allowing the Legionary to either live or fight on.  The Legionary was a valuable asset.

Finally into medieval times we have the Knights Hosipitaller. This was a branch of Knights that dedicated themselves to medical study as well as the chivalric code of war.

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