The Advantages of Living in a Well-Managed Block

Whether you have just moved in or you’re an existing resident, ensuring that your block of flats is managed well is important. With help, residents can make sure that any niggles or issues are taken care of and the block is left looking clean and inviting. But what happens when this isn’t being done? Let’s take a look.

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The job of ensuring that the building and communal areas in a block of flats are safe and clean usually falls to the landlord. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is an individual person – it could be a local authority or even the residents if a Residents’ Management Company (RMC) is being used. Often, especially when the job goes to a smaller company or individual, the responsibilities can become a little too much and the overall upkeep of the building suffers. So what options are available if this is the case?

Residents’ Management Company (RMC)

If the block manager is struggling, you may want to look into an RMC, especially if you feel that you and a group of other residents can solve the issues. Taking over management is a leaseholder’s right, so it may be one option that benefits you and your neighbours.

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Outside Help

If you are currently in charge of the management of a block of flats, you could look into hiring a managing agent to take over from you. This is someone who is professional and trustworthy and who has good knowledge of a number of issues that may arise from block management. From health and safety to tenant law, a managing agent, such as those found at, can really help make the building feel more like a home to the residents who live there.

What to Look For

If you are looking to hire a managing agent, there are certain skills that they must possess. They must be fully aware of landlord and tenant rights and be knowledgeable about leases, complaints procedures, accounting and codes of practice. Whilst they often take their instructions from landlords, they must also be aware of residents’ wishes and work hard to find a suitable solution for both parties.

So if you feel that a managing agent would work for your block, the key is to find someone who is business-minded.

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