Thank You Father Christmas

Year after year, Father Christmas manages to make his magical journey around the world on Christmas Eve to make sure every child receives a gift – but what is Santa up against? Whilst children everywhere are excitedly putting out stockings and snuggling up in bed, remember, it’s not all plain sailing as he travels through every country in the world on a sleigh pulled by flying reindeer. Not forgetting of course ensuring that he is not seen by anyone. Here are the top things that (probably) cause him the biggest problems…

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Excessive Alcohol: We all know that Santa is partial to a tipple, but with billions of children leaving a sherry and a mince pie out for the big man, he must be careful not to drink too much – not only is drink driving illegal, it would also be extremely bad for Santa’s health! In fact, GP’s have recommended that he thinks about his health. Probably best to stick to the milk!

Damage to Property: Not everyone has a huge sprawling estate to land a sleigh laden with gifts and the reindeer – in fact most people don’t! Homes come in all shapes and sizes and it poses a great problem to Santa – of course if you do have some damage to your roof caused by a sleigh or something less magical, flat roofing Evesham experts LW roofing can help with your flat roofing in Evesham. But usually he manages to do it without leaving even a footprint!

Time: The ultimate question – just how on earth does he make it around the world and to all of those homes in one night? People have guessed at this for years, with probably the most popular theory being that he is probably capable of somehow slowing down time (sort of like a very generous doctor who). Which leads to another question – is Santa Claus an alien?

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Secrecy: Although many claim to have seen Santa, considering that he would look fairly obvious flying through the night sky not many have. With today’s technology, it is possible to track him as he travels the world, but he still manages to deliver all of the gifts without being spotted by the children. So just how does he do it?

Of course there are many more problems that he must encounter along his way, but powered by the beliefs of the children of the world and the spirit of Christmas he manages to get around every Christmas Eve without fail – so thank you Father Christmas!

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