Taking a look at shelving

One of the essential elements of any home and business is its storage space. For many of us the humble shelf is a vital component of helping to tidy and keep an area free of clutter. It is also an important part of an item or decorative display. It allows the ability to find something for the home, or a client within seconds. There are multiple types of shelving that can assist you in the residential setting and the commercial or industrial arena. The company of https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving are one of the best equipped to deal with any queries or requests that you have.

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What type of racking and shelving is there?

  1. Pallet Racking. This is primarily to do with bulk items that need to be stored in large quantities. They are usually high volume sales items, i.e, baked beans, toner cartridges etc, and are delivered on pallets that are put directly onto the racking via forklift.
  2. Longspan shelving. This is a thinner longer shelving unit that is better suited to the storage of smaller items. It uses a boltless hook system but boltted are versions are available.
  3. Steel Rivet shelving. This is for extra strength. It allows the storage of heavy duty items without resorting to large pallet racking.

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  1. Slat wall. This is a grooved wall where shelves or hooks are slotted securely into place. It is practical for the home and the office and gives greater flexibility to what you can put on it.

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