Photography has increased in popularity, with many people developing an interest in portrait photography. Here are five tips to help you create the perfect picture.

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Take a series of images

Using ‘continuous shooting’ or ‘burst’ mode will enable you to create multiple shots at the same time. This creative solution presents a number of photos rather than just one image. This is great when photographing children or animals, as they can change their position quickly. The same technique can be used for any active subject that changes its pose quickly. Cheltenham photographer inspiration can be found in many places.

Hide a part of your subject

With photography becoming one of the most popular hobbies, many photographers are looking to create something different. Leaving something to the imagination often creates an intriguing photograph and enables you to focus on the part of the subject you want there to be an emphasis upon. An interesting way to create this look is to obscure part of the subject’s body or face, which can be done using objects, clothing, their hand, or perhaps by framing part of the subject out of the picture.

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Introduce a prop

By adding a prop, you can incorporate a further interest point that can have the effect of enhancing your shot. Make sure the prop doesn’t take all the focus away from the main subject. Choose the prop wisely and it can give the subject additional depth. A Cheltenham photographer will have many examples of using appropriate props in their portfolio.

Focus on one part of the body

By obtaining a lens with a long focal length and attaching it to your camera, or by getting very close to the subject so that you can only photograph part of the subject, you can create a sensation of mystery. What is not in the picture can often say more than the content. You could take a photo of somebody’s hands, mouth, eyes, or perhaps just their feet.

Shoot candidly

Not everybody works well as a subject when deliberately posing, so it can be a good idea to take pictures of your subject while they are immersed in an interesting activity. This will ensure that any picture taken is a natural one, which can be more appealing to the eye.