Surviving the Post-Christmas Blues

So, the turkey has been eaten, the presents unwrapped, the carols have been sung and Christmas is like a distant memory. As you get back to the real world, away from the twinkling lights and festive cheer, it is easy to feel a little bit gloomy at this time of the year. But it doesn’t have to all be bad. Here are a few things that you can do to ease the pain a little…

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  1. Plan a holiday – This is a great way to cure the post-Christmas blues. Planning and booking a holiday is always fun and exciting, and just after Christmas is the perfect time to book one. There are a lot of January sales on at this time of the year as well, so shop around and see what is available. Having something fun to look forward to will make you feel so much better. No matter where you prefer to go, or what your budget, planning a holiday is one of the best ways to beat the January blues.
  2. Make the planet happy – You may have been lucky enough to have a real Christmas tree – all over the country including in Rugby real Christmas trees are very popular, as nothing beats the smell and look of a real tree. If you are local to Rugby you can get real Christmas trees in Rugby from Welford Christmas tree farm. After Christmas, if you want to dispose of your tree correctly you have two options. If you have a tree with roots, then you can re-pot the tree and put it outside ready to bring in next year for decorating again. If not, your local council will have a Christmas tree disposal scheme, which will ensure that the tree is recycled for compost. Please don’t put the tree in the general waste as it becomes landfill. Christmas cards and wrapping paper are other items which can be recycled yet all too often end up in landfill. Your local council will be able to help out with locations of recycling sites.
  3. Have a sort out – Clearing and de-cluttering is a great thing to do just after Christmas, as it is something positive to focus on and the outcome is a tidier and more organised home! If you have a lot that you want to get rid of, why not take it to a car boot sale? After all one mans trash is another mans treasure, and the money you make will ease the dreaded January bank balance! Another idea is to give what you no longer need to charity shops or food to a local food bank – find one near to you here – there are always people in need and your unwanted items could bring a smile to the face of someone less fortunate.

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