Summer house v log cabin: the differences

Are you short on space or looking to up size but cautious about building onto your property?

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Are you looking for an additional space for a specific function away from the home? If so, a garden room could be the perfect option for you. According to Property Prices, a garden room could add value and saleability to your property. The average garden room lasts up to 60 years, so these are a very permanent extension to your home. Two of the most popular types of garden rooms include log cabins and summer houses. What are the differences, and what can they be used for?

Log cabins

The overriding feature of a log cabin is usually its unique construction. The beams of a log cabin are placed on top of each other and overlap at the ends. This particular building style offers somewhat of a rustic charm that many homeowners find comforting and cosy. The solid wood feel of a log cabin makes it feel like a strong and sturdy base, and it works well in a rural setting. It can be decorated and styled in a truly rustic and effective manner. It’s an interior designer’s dream!

Summer houses

Summer houses are slightly more modern and easier to construct. The beams and walls do not overlap and make the flat, straight corners most people are familiar with in modern architecture and design. While many offer the same wooden cosiness as a log cabin, summer houses tend to be a lot more varied and will invariably feel lighter, more airy and probably more contemporary. Worcester summer houses like world of smile summerhouses and sheds have a wealth of styles from which to choose.

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Whichever option you go for, the possibilities for a garden room are endless. Many homeworkers or freelancers use their garden room as a home office, study or work station where they can have the space to concentrate away from the distractions of the main home. A garden room could also be used as a play room for younger kids or a chill-out space for teenagers who’d like a little – but not too much – freedom away from the house. Gyms, studios and even annexes are all also common alternative uses for a garden room. It really is a simple, affordable extension to your home.


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