Online dating has grown in popularity over recent years and with any activity done on the internet, it’s important to know how to stay safe. It’s easy to get scammed or misled online and internet dating is no different. Always use a trusted site and follow the following safety advice:


It’s perfectly acceptable to google the name of someone you’ve just met online. You can also use google images to check if a photo has been used multiple times on Facebook. If you see the same image attached to different accounts, you can be fairly confident that it’s a fake account.

  1. Be smart.

A fake social media account will normally have some tell-tale signs such as low friend figures, tagless photos or pictures with no friends or family in them. If a profile picture looks like it’s straight out of a modelling magazine, then chances are all is not as it seems.

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  1. Protect yourself.

Ensure your privacy settings are high and never give out too much personal information about yourself. Even if you really hit it off with someone, remember that they are still a stranger. Only ever agree to meet in a very open and public place and never divulge your address until you are in an established relationship.

  1. 5. Don’t delay a meet.

Conducting a relationship for long periods of time online makes it too easy for someone to be dishonest or lie about their intentions or background. At the very least, use Skype to communicate. If there appears to be any reluctance, you might be looking at a scenario that is not truthful. Why else would the person continually delay meeting you or skyping with you?

  1. Be cautious.

People can live out entire fantasy lives online so treat all boasts with caution until they can be proven. If someone tells you they’re a lottery-winning millionaire or they work for NASA, ask lots of questions. If they get defensive, then you’ve probably caught them out. Remember the adage that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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  1. Go slow.

Stay cautious about proclamations of love or requests for naughty photos. Someone who has never met you is unlikely to be in love with you yet and you have no real idea of who might receiving any ‘sexy’ shots. The same goes for sexual relations soon after meeting. You don’t know the person’s history well enough yet. If you have any concerns after a relationship, Chlamydia Testing kits London can be used in the privacy of your own home. Chlamydia Testing kits London available online at will help you decide any next steps.

  1. Tell your friends.

Be open and tell a few close friends about the online relationship. Ask them if they think it all sounds legitimate and listen to their concerns, if they have any.

  1. Be honest.

Be honest with your own gut feelings. Don’t let loneliness or pressure force you into something that deep down you know doesn’t feel right.