Special effects sculpting brings copper to centre stage

A good sculptor can take a material and turn it into a variety of interesting shapes to create a piece of art. Mirroring the interior design world, copper has become particularly popular with sculptors, as it results in a beautiful colour and shine.

Special effects sculpting brings copper to centre stage

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Metal work

Copper is one of the most attractive metals that is versatile enough to be turned into pretty much any shape. The Copper Alliance says that copper has inspired artists for centuries, as it is versatile, malleable and beautiful.

Copper naturally changes in colour over time if it is exposed to the elements; however, artists can use a variety of techniques and treatments to fix a colour at any point of its development.

With the price of metals such as copper having vastly increased in recent years, the cost of copper sheeting makes it prohibitive for many sculptors. Some get around this by using copper coating or veneer, which still looks amazing but at a fraction of the cost.

A composite metal is ideal for making a sculpture, as the artist can control the weight, price and delivery time. A composite mimics metal but is simply a thin coating. This also saves time – real metal takes longer to cast, while a metal veneer cures quickly.

While some may think that a veneer is not real, many contain a high percentage of metal powder; therefore, plenty of real copper is being used. Bronze is another metal that works well in creating tactile works of art, as does brass.

Commission your own

Once you have seen the beauty of a metal sculpture, you may decide to commission your own, whether an unusual shape you like, a more traditional piece for a garden, or bronze animal sculptures of beloved pets. Many artists are happy to take on a commission and those who are successful often have celebrity clients across the world who commission pieces for a space in their home or garden.

If you decide to invest in a piece of high-quality art, you will want to consider a proven artist who has produced works of the highest quality and craftsmanship, such as http://www.gillparker.com/.

If you decide to buy a metal sculpture for outdoor use, ensure the artist you are buying from is aware of its purpose so that they can adapt it.

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