Signs it might be time for a new mobility scooter

In general, mobility scooters are durable, reliable and require only minor maintenance. Scooters contain two main components, electric motors and batteries that provide power to the motor along with the lights and horn.

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Problems can occur with batteries, such as having to recharge regularly because it does not hold a charge for long periods of time. At worst, this means needing to charge up the scooter after every single use. This reduces your travel distance and proves to be a real pain as you cannot make full use of your scooter for a prolonged time.


Electric motors in mobility scooters are of a relatively simple design and are usually quite rugged, able to withstand everyday normal use around towns and cities in most types of weather. They can, however, be damaged by bumping down a curb without using the dropped section or driving your mobility scooter through excessively wet areas, such as deep puddles. If it’s time to replace, consider Mobility Scooters Bristol from a site like Pearce Bros, suppliers of quality Mobility Scooters Bristol

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Mobility scooter tyres will, at some point in the life of the scooter, need to be replaced. This applies to whether they are pneumatic or solid tyres. Solid types will eventually need replacing as a result of usual wear and tear, but they will generally last longer than pneumatic tyres. As they are quite solid though, they are not particularly popular with scooter riders as it makes the ride a little harder.

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