If you’re looking into new flooring, Laminate Wood Flooring such as the ones you can find from stockists such as irwintiles.ie/index.php/wooden-flooring.html have a lot of positives you might not have thought of. Here are seven advantages to help you make your decision.

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Laminates are attractive

Patterns are available that photographically reproduce exotic timbers and minerals you would never be able to afford or even legally acquire in some cases. Some even reproduce the textures of these materials. If you used the “real thing”, you’d be damaging the environment and decimating forests; instead, laminate flooring is composed of fibres that would otherwise get dumped and burned. The range of patterns and colours are limited only by your imagination.

Laminates are durable

These floors resist scratching, fading, stains, burns, impact and wear. Fit them correctly – with room to expand and a smooth, dry subfloor – and they’ll serve you for years to come. They’re vulnerable to dampness, but there are sealed options or membranes for protection underneath. The wear resistance should suit the area where you want to use them, but the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) award abrasion ratings to make this easy to match.

Laminates are easy to install

Laying laminates is like a jigsaw puzzle or building with Legos because they easily click together; there is no need to nail it down or spread mucky goo everywhere. Many people can install them in an entire room in just a day meaning that there is minimal disruption to your living.

Laminates are affordable

When you take their long-lasting qualities into consideration, they definitely offer excellent value for money. If you take the time to put it in properly, this type of floor could last you a lifetime.

Laminates are comfortable

They’re resistant on the surface, but the layers beneath the floors have some softness and suppleness that provide rest for your sore feet or little ones tumbling around. Choose one offering good cushioning.

Laminate is low-maintenance

Clicked into place, it is flawlessly smooth without seams to collect detritus. Don’t shake a dripping wet mop at it; a little wipe is all it takes to get it gleaming again.

It is reusable

This floor is not really attached, so there is no scraping around when you don’t want it any more. With a little care, it can be reused, and if you can get a few quid for it, all the better!