Servicing your mower

Spring seems to have arrived, the summer is just around the corner and we are all dusting off our mowers for the first time in 2020.

If you have not already done so, this is a good time to consider having your mower serviced as there is still a chance to resolve problems before the grass cutting becomes urgent.

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Am I able to service my own mower?

Servicing is always best left to the professionals, however, if you have a little mechanical know-how and the correct tools, there is no reason why you cannot do it at home. What is important though, is to check that all guarantees and warranties will remain in effect if you decide to service the mower yourself.

Electric mowers will just need lubricating, whereas a petrol-powered mower will require the engine to be serviced. For any parts that need replacing, consider Briggs and Stratton Parts from a site like Briggs Bits, a leading supplier of Briggs and Stratton Parts.


Whether the mower is manual, electric or petrol, the blades are a crucial part. When blades are blunt, they can damage the grass, give uneven cuts and cause the lawnmower to do its work less efficiently and this must be number one on your list of priorities in terms of servicing.

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If the blades are completely bent or chipped, they must be replaced.

You must clear out old clippings and any debris from the deck and take off the lid to clean dirt from the other components of the lawnmower.

With an electric mower, be sure to make sure the vents are free of clippings or anything that might restrict the flow of air through them and ensure water is kept away from electrical components.


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