Seasoned traveller shares her beauty secrets

Kaia Wright, who is married to a crocodile wrangler, travels a lot for work. She can be found on flights that take her across Australia and the world. Last year, the number of flights she took came to 48, a figure that could play havoc with anyone’s complexion. Yet Kaia looks fresh thanks to the in-flight beauty routine she follows religiously. She recently shared her secrets to avoiding what she calls “cabin complexion”.

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In-flight essentials

There are certain things Kaia says you should never be without on a flight. These include lip balm, face cream, a face mask (for long-haul flights), hand cream, deodorant, and a hairbrush. Keep everything stored in a washbag so you can access your products easily and are more likely to use them.

Stay make-up free

If at all possible, don’t wear make-up on your flight. If you feel you need to wear it on the way to the airport, remove it once you arrive and prep your skin for the change of atmosphere you’re about to experience. Use a heavier face cream or a serum if you can, which should stop your skin drying out. Once you’re in the air, reapply regularly – ideally every hour.

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Sit by the window

One of the worst things for your skin when you fly is the recycled air. If you can pick your seats before your flight, choose one by the window as the air tends to circulate better here. Another benefit of sitting by the window is that you’re more likely to be able to get some sleep because you can lean against the wall of the plane, which stabilises your neck.

Dress for comfort

Sitting on a plane isn’t comfortable, but this doesn’t mean your clothes can’t be. For Kaia, maxi dresses are the most comfortable, and you can find styles at As an added bonus, they let you apply moisturiser to your legs and arms easily.

Drink plenty of water

Flying is dehydrating, so it is important to keep drinking water. Aim for around 250ml each hour you’re on the plane and avoid food that can dehydrate you, such as the free peanuts and pretzels that are given out on the plane. In addition, you should avoid alcohol and caffeine before and during the flight.

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