If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time then it’s easy to take your partner for granted. Yes you love them and you’re both happy but you can fall into a routine of daily life and not really see each other. Rekindling the romance is a great idea and can be achieved in some fairly simple steps.

Don’t stop dating. When was the last time you both had a date night? Most people just don’t bother. It can be easy to fall into this trap when you’ve been together for so long. Your partner feels like a beloved, old pair of slippers instead of the object of your desire. Remember what it felt like when you first got together and try to make time for special dates. It’s important to remember how to appreciate one another again.

Recharge your sex life. Try to initiate sex more often and maybe think about some new sexy lingerie. Compliment each other and have some playtime as we adults take life so seriously sometimes. Adding sex toys can be another idea if you’re both on board with some exciting experimentation. For Adult Sex toys, visit http://sexcite.co.uk/.

Sleep together and this means actually sleeping next to each other in the same bed and having some snuggle time. This is a great way to reconnect emotionally and doesn’t have to lead to sex but simply involves affection and intimacy. You can use this as time to talk or just for a cuddle.

Bathrooms don’t just have to mean a space to fight over the sink but can be very intimate places. Talk while he has a shave or put your make-up on while wearing something seductive and then the morning or evening routine won’t have to be so routine!

Relight that fire

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Keep each guessing with little surprises every now and then that your partner isn’t expecting. It can be anything from a last minute weekend away, some new lingerie or even a special dinner. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion but will show how much you care for and appreciate the other person in your life.

Indulge yourself sometimes. A little bit of pampering can help you to relax and feel good about yourself and this will be reflected in your relationship. Your happiness and confidence can only be a good thing in a relationship.

Changing the scenery occasionally is also another positive step in rekindling your romance. We tend to see each other doing the same things day in and day out but by getting out of your comfort zone, you will see each other in a new light. Whether it’s through travelling or trying new activities, it’s beneficial to have room to grow and then your relationship will grow as well. Most of all, make time for each other. We can spend a lifetime being too busy and wonder why we drift apart. Take a step back and allocate some special time just to be a couple again.