Reducing tension at your desk

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We have all sat our Next day delivery office desks and slowly felt tension creeping into our backs, shoulders and neck. This can be as a result of sitting incorrectly at the desk and it is important to ensure that you are sat right back in your seat with your feet flat on the floor or on a riser to keep your hips and knees at a 90 degree angle to the floor. As we become more stressed about meeting deadlines or other life events we tend to hunch your shoulders up to our ears which again creates tension in this area of our bodies. Here are some times to help reduce the tension that you feel.

Breaks – make sure that you factor small breaks into your work schedule. This could be 5 minutes for every hour that you are working to go and get a drink or to stretch at your desk and help some of the tension that has started to creep in.

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Stretching – if you find yourself starting to hunch over your desk, raise your arms above your head, clasp your hands and give your back a gentle stretch. You may also like to take a slight bend to each side to stretch out the side of your torso. You can also stretch your wrists and fingers by reaching your arms in front of you and circling your wrists around.

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