Reasons why your start-up business needs an office space

It is often suggested that a start-up business doesn’t really need an office space. Many businesses begin operating from home, libraries or coffee shops with free WiFi, or even remotely using mobile technology. However, there are many benefits to having a physical office space that can help a new business to look professional and thrive in the competitive world of work.

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According to the Guardian, getting a start-up business off the ground is one of the hardest things you can do.

If you are going to be relying on investors, clients or customers, it is extremely important to create and maintain a professional appearance for your business. By having a dedicated office space, with a business address and a fixed point of contact, you will give the impression that your business is focused, professional and here to stay.

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Attracting the right employees

Your office will often be the first impression that a client or potential investor sees of your business. A modern office space, such as those available at, will show your business off. Potential employees will be keen to see if the space suits them, and if the facilities and location will be right for them to work from. This will be very difficult to achieve if you don’t have an office space at all.

Business development

In order to develop your business, you’ll need to show that you are willing to take advantage of professional development opportunities. If you have been running your start-up from home, and are now looking for offices to let Basingstoke is well-served. An office will show your employees that you are motivated to grow your business and in turn, their prospects with the company.

Work/life balance

Wellbeing is very important, and if you are unhappy at work, it is likely that you will also be unhappy at home. If your office space is at home, it can be very difficult to disconnect from your job at the end of the day, with the temptation to work long hours and answer business calls, instead of spending time with family. If your business has an office space, you can leave work there, creating a sense of balance in your life. Consider office space with modern amenities such as a gym, for the ultimate wellbeing at work experience.

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