Questions to ask when house hunting

Looking for a new home is both fun and nerve-wracking in equal measure. However, you can make the process much less stressful with planning the best questions to ask when you are ready to begin viewings of properties you like. When you are in possession of all the facts, then you will be able to form a reasonable judgment.

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What is included?

Find out through your agent exactly what is included relating to fixtures and fittings. A room-by-room inventory is the best thing to ask for, so you know exactly what’s what. It might sound pedantic but it’s a great way to avoid confusion. You will want to know about everything available from the curtain poles to the garden furniture.

What is the position of the seller?

It is important to know this because it will have a major impact on what you do. Are they serious about selling, or it is just a testing the water exercise? Knowing the position of the seller and if they really want to sell, for example, can make negotiations easier for you. When you’re ready to go, consider a Removal Companies Essex at a site like Jeakins, a leading Removal Companies Essex

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Ask about restrictions

Nobody wants an unpleasant surprise after buying a home. So, it’s crucial to find out if there are any restrictions. Is it listed? Is it located in a conservation area? Such factors can have a significant effect on future plans, such as if you’re looking to paint the outside or invest in an extension to the property.

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