Plumbers top the Boundless Happiness Index

It’s true – Boundless found that plumbers topped the charts when it came to happiness both at work and in their home life.

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Boundless, the experiences company, found that 55 per cent of plumbers reported that they were ‘very happy’; crucially, not a single plumber reported that they were ‘unhappy’ in their job. Why might this be? Why does being a plumber have happiness in the – pardon the pun – pipeline, and how can you achieve it?

Job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is something we all aspire to on one level or another. We all hate that sinking feeling that arises every Sunday evening with Monday morning looming heavy on the horizon. We would all love to feel better about incoming Mondays and to anticipate a job we enjoy. The plumbing trade, it seems, offers just this.

Being your own boss helps, of course. While working for yourself brings some stresses – it is still work, after all – it also brings great independence and control over your working life. In plumbing, no day is the same. When something breaks in someone’s home, it can be a real stress for them. Being the person who fixes the problem, restoring that person’s home and comfort by working with your hands and your skill, brings real job satisfaction for a job well done.

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Become a plumber

Does all this happiness and job satisfaction sound good? Some of you may already be plumbers; if so, congratulations on your great life decisions! If you are thinking about entering the trade, you will need to train to obtain a qualification recognised by the industry, which you could do via an apprenticeship or college course.

As your own boss, you will set your own rates and your own working hours; for example, you could offer an emergency service or bank holiday and weekend callouts. You can search for companies that work with apprentices or take on trainees by doing a web search for plumber services Dublin and see which are local to you. Have a chat with a company such as for friendly advice on getting into the trade.

Become a plumber and happiness and job satisfaction is just a pipe bending, boiler service or radiator fitting away!