Retirement parties have become more and more popular over recent years and are seen as a way to celebrate entering into a new and exciting phase of your life. Retired used to be seen as a time where many people struggled to find meaning in their lives having worked for well over 40 years of their life. But as we are living longer and longer, and people are opting to retire early it is very much a time of being able to rekindle yourself with the hobbies that you loved and visiting new and exciting places. Usually by the time many people retire their children are grown up and have their own lives so it becomes a point when you can start to think about yourself again.

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These parties can take a number of forms and may be organised by a variety of different people, from the colleagues that your worked with through to your family and friends. As well as opting for a nice venue, catering some food and asking a Mobile Bar Hire Cheltenham company to come along to serve drinks, there are a few things you may want to include to make this retirement party on to celebrate and remember.

  • Commemorative items

These could take the form of a book that all the colleagues the retiree has worked with leave little messages, similar to a wedding book. It could also include some video footage of staff members and perhaps, depending on the personality of the person, you may hold a ‘Roast’ type event where people tell funny and sometime borderline insulting stories about the person who has retired. This does need to be carefully thought about and only included if you know that they will take everything that is said as a joke.

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  • Speeches

This is a time where colleagues and bosses can thank the person who has retired for their hard work during their working life. It may also include speeches from their children and spouse about all the different jobs that they have had and want they are planning on doing with their retirement time. A toast to the retiree at the end of the speeches should be obligatory.

  • Fun with the theme

You want to keep the theme as light hearted as possible and many people focus on the things that the retiree will be doing in their spare time now, they are not working. This could be a favorite hobby or places that they which to travel to or games to involve their family and perhaps grandchildren that they are going to get to spend more time with.