Not all of us are blessed with endless amounts of storage space which is why many of us choose to hire out additional storage. This helps us to reduce the amount of clutter inside our homes, whether for a long period or just during a home renovation, redecoration project or while moving home. For help with your next move, consider a Bristol Removals Company like

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How do you load your storage unit so not all your belongings get piled on top of each other, crushed or squashed? The key is to have a plan for organisation and to make clever use of storage shelving to help protect your belongings. Here are some tips to keeping your stuff neat and undamaged:

Don’t just start loading your stuff from the front but leave a good space for an aisle down the centre. This way you can comfortably and quickly access all of your belongings, not just what’s at the front.

When using boxes, store your items in boxes of a similar size and shape. This will make for much neater stacking inside your storage unit. Make sure you have the right packaging available to hand and plenty of good sized boxes. Don’t forget to label your boxes to save you struggling to locate them in the future.

If you still have original boxes for electronic appliances, it’s a good idea to make use of these. Manufacturer’s packaging is sturdy and packed well to maximise warehouse floor space. This will also save you money on purchasing additional packing supplies.

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When storing furniture or furnishings, cover over with blankets or special furniture covers. It’s a good idea to take apart furniture to store, as you’ll be able to fit it into a much smaller space. This will save on space, meaning you can store more items and possibly only need to hire a smaller, less expensive unit. Stacking chairs is also sensible and will also save you a lot of space.

If you are storing fragile items or glassware, be sure to wrap them tightly in separate boxes labelled as fragile. This will help you to avoid damaging the contents when looking for and moving other boxes in the unit. You also need to use your strongest and sturdiest boxes for these items.

If you follow these tips and stick to a good routine each time you access your unit, you’ll make the process much smoother and save yourself time, space and some money. You’ll also keep your home clutter-free to get on with whatever needs doing there like a move, renovation or redecoration.