Office Cleaning Tricks and Tips

Keeping an office clean is not just about avoiding clutter – it can help make your organisation seem more professional, enhancing its reputation and even boosting productivity.

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If you are struggling to achieve your office cleaning goals, these tips and tricks will help you make the most of your resources, whether you have an in-house team or rely on a third party commercial cleaning company.


Messy desks are not only difficult to clean, but can be detrimental to the effectiveness of individual employees. To remove clutter, encourage staff to get rid of any items they do not use at least once a day. Everything else can be stored in drawers or dumped altogether to give an office a more composed, organised look that streamlines the cleaning process.

Stock Cleaning Supplies

Having a cupboard set aside to store important cleaning products such as wipes and sprays will ensure you have everything you need on hand to tackle daily sanitary tasks.

Working with a third party firm like, which offers contract cleaning in Belfast, can mean that these provisions will not be necessary. But you will need to take an approach that suits your needs.

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Encourage Individual Cleanliness

Vacuuming the floors and emptying the bins regularly can bring the shine back to an office, but a lot of the grime that remains is better tackled on an individual basis. For example, providing employees with wipes to clean their computer displays, keyboards and other electronics could be sensible, especially if many people eat at their desks and leave foodie detritus all over the place.

Make Break Room Policies

Offices with a break room that provides tea making facilities, fridges, microwaves and other food and drink-related appliances are common. This can create chaos unless cleanliness policies are laid out and enforced.

Requiring break room users to wash up any plates, glasses and cutlery they use immediately will avoid the washing piling up and creating a stink. Although with the rise of flexible working, more people are spending time working away from the office and this can alleviate this issue.

Maintain Plant Life

A bit of greenery makes an office much more inviting, but neglected plants can look shabby. Make sure that maintaining any foliage is factored into the cleaning schedule so that unsightly accidents are avoided.

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