Mirrors can make a real impact in our homes and a couple of carefully selected mirrors can stand out as decor pieces to be showcased. Almost all of us have mirrors in our homes but most of us don’t really understand how to make the best use of mirrors as a part of home design. Mirrors can be used in every room of the house for starters and can even be works of art. They are fantastic in home design because they reflect light and create the illusion of greater space. They don’t have to be huge conversation pieces though and can be used subtly to enhance the overall feel of a room.

For effective mirror use, you’ll need to look at the size, style and shape of the mirror. You’ll also need to plan where you’re going to place the mirror. You may even think about incorporating multiple mirrors in a room if it will look appropriate. Mirrors can become something that you want to admire and not just something to look at your reflection in!

It’s important to consider the colour of your mirror when choosing one for your home. Whatever room it’s placed in, the mirror should be chosen to improve the space where it is located. Choosing a colour that compliments or matches a room’s paint will help to make the mirror appear an integrated part of the design. For Mirrored Furniture, visit https://myhomerocksltd.co.uk/furniture-collections/mirrored-furniture.

Placing a mirror in a bathroom seems like the obvious place to hang a mirror but why stick to the traditional rectangular shape? Choose one with a more unique shape. An oval shape will mirror the shape of the sink and setting it off with lights on either side creates a lovely look. If you decide to keep a traditional rectangular shape then why not jazz it up by going for an ornate design? This will really make a statement and you’ll have to drag yourself from daydreaming into it!

Mirror, Mirror on the wall...

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Living rooms are a perfect space for installing a super-large, attention grabbing mirror. These mirrors serve as pieces of art, opening up the space with the big reflection of the room and create more light in the space because of these reflections. Selecting a simple but interesting design is a good idea when picking a mirror as big as this for a room. If you don’t have the space for a mirror that takes up the entire living room, a smaller one can still play a key part in the overall design.

Having a narrow hallway in your home means that you can have fun with adding a big mirror to the space. The mirror will open up the area so that you don’t feel confined within it and then place some interesting artwork on the surrounding walls to see them interestingly reflected in the mirror.

Using mirrors in a funky, artistic way can be achieved by hanging a collection of small mirrors, possibly hand mirrors, in a haphazard fashion which creates a unique arty look. Using a wall which is narrow and tall is perfect for laying out the mirrors in a way that doesn’t make them overwhelm the senses as you walk by but offers a unique design and makes the most of your wall space to great effect.