Pipes are always indispensable for a building of any kind. They are used for a variety of purposes for drinking water supply to sewage disposal and so if you need to source pipes for your building, it is imperative to get the right kind of pipes. However, isn’t it difficult to figure out what kind of pipes you should buy? Absolutely not; as making sure to get the right kind of pipe is not that difficult when you know where you can find all types of pipes under one roof and the strengths of each of them.

There are some pipe suppliers in the United States of America, which supply all types of pipes and cater to wide clientele because of their emphasis on quality and services like pipe fabrication. One such pipe supplier is DS Pipe & Steel Supply LLC, which under the leadership of Chris Keehner has flourished like never before. He inherited the business from his father and founder of the company John W. Keehner.

Various types of pipes available at DS Pipe & Steel Supply LLC

The family owned business makes sure to offer all types of pipes for its wide clientele and these are the following ones.

  • Alloy
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Stainless Steel
  • Carbon

Strengths of various pipes

Of all these, copper pipes are the best for ensuring supply for safe drinkable water despite the fact that many have switched to using plastic PEX pipes as the later are more affordable. Copper pipes are in use since ages and they can be recycled too unlike plastic, which is an environmental hazard and gradually pollute your water.

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Stainless steel pipes are the another ones that are best for all types of applications within a building since they are resistant to deformation, corrosion or any kind of leakage even after years of use, but are very much expensive. Choice of a certain type of pipe mainly depends on the type of its application in a building as pipes have not only usage in residential or commercial buildings but in industries too like chemical industry, fertilizer industry, refineries, etc.

Chris Keehner as a president of the vast company has always tried his best to ensure premium quality of each and every pipe and it is his conscious efforts that the company has till date survived the fierce competition in the market. The company just does not supply pipes of all kinds but does the pipe fabrication too like grooving, threading, cutting them to a desired size, etc. so that clients can have no problem at all. Whether it is a small job as little as painting or priming or saw cutting, you can have all as valued added services.

So, you don’t need to look here and there in the market to get the right pipe as your focus should be to get the one that most suits your application and not to get spoiled by the available choices at hand at all!

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