Human resources (HR) is a crucial function in any organisation, and it is increasingly one that businesses are choosing to outsource. Here are a few of the reasons an organisation might choose HR outsourcing.

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Offer specialist advice

One important aspect of HR is to ensure the organisation adheres to all applicable employment laws. This is a notoriously dynamic area, so having HR experts that keep up-to-date and can provide advice in this area can be invaluable. Likewise, a HR specialist understands the rules on employment tribunals and can directly or indirectly provide mediation services to stop disputes from escalating.

Provide assistance with recruitment

Just as it is important to retain skilled staff, it is equally important to recruit personnel that are a good fit for the organisation. HR specialists can take much of the stress away from the recruitment process by assisting with advertising the role, drawing up a shortlist of suitable candidates, and conducting interviews. They can also ensure all the correct paperwork is in order.

Introduce systems to engage and reward staff

By using HR outsourcing services such as those provided by, organisations can easily introduce systems to determine levels of staff morale and where business improvements could be made to further engage staff. HR specialists can also work with the management team to develop a suitable employee reward or benefit package to ensure staff remain focused and motivated to meet personal and business targets.

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Handle staff training and rolling out organisational changes

One of the key functions of HR is to help manage change. This might mean training a new team member so that they can seamless fit into the organisation, or it might entail getting all staff members up to speed with a new process or technology. Sometimes, the changes within an organisation are structural, such as a takeover. If these changes will result in redundancies, the HR specialist can ensure this process is properly carried out and fully documented.

Despite the importance of HR, many organisations do not have a dedicated manager or team to handle the function. Fortunately, by using outsourced HR services, organisations can ensure they are compliant with their duties and obligations under the law, in addition to being confident they are doing all they can to maintain a motivated, engaged and target-focussed workforce.