Keeping to your New Years Resolutions into the New Year

With all the excitement of Christmas over, many people are committing to change their lives in one way or another this January. Over the Christmas period, people tend to over indulge on food, alcohol or often both, so January naturally seems a good month to make a lifestyle change and start to head in a healthier direction!

Dry January is taking off on social media, with many people wanting to cut down on their drinking – any pub landlords out there had better make sure that they have good supplies of soft drinks and post mix juices that can be bought online at sites like

Another big lifestyle change this year is Veganuary. Nutritionists and people who have been living a vegan lifestyle for a while are showcasing the benefits to the body, and to the environment, which has to be a win win situation!

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Supermarkets have also been involved in these popular campaigns, and there are a wide range of vegan foods available at the moment, and there are plenty of vegan recipes online as well. When it comes to cutting down on alcohol, there are some brilliant alcohol-free alternatives around.

Cigarettes are another habit that many people endeavour to give up in January, which goes along with the change to a healthier lifestyle, and a lot of the adverts at this time of the year are geared towards helping people to stop smoking with various products!

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If you are someone who has vowed to change to a healthier lifestyle this year, then chances are by now, you may be struggling (if you haven’t felt it already!). The traditionally bleak month of January is a hard time for many people anyway, as the weather is still cold and dreary, but comes along with none of the festive feelings that were present in December. In fact, January 21st was even dubbed ‘Blue Monday’

A more positive way to look at this, if you are still hanging in there and keeping your new years resolution, is that if you have managed to keep it up this far into the bleakest month of the year, then you should be congratulating yourself already!

We are now nearing the end of January and heading for that much needed first payday of the year! One way to give yourself a pat on the back, and to encourage you to keep going is to treat yourself to something that you enjoy (of course, not something that will hinder your efforts!).

A day out at a spa, an item of clothing or even a holiday, will lift your spirits and help you to keep heading in the path to a healthier and happier life!

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