It might not be a good idea to feed that plant.

One of the most successful musical stage show to film conversions is the extremely strange but weirdly engaging Little Shop of Horrors. Originally a cheap low budget production by the leading director of cheap low budget productions, Roger Corman in 1960 the film was adapted to be a stage musical. In 1986 after a good run it was given a much bigger budget and handed over Frank Oz (of Yoda and Fozzie Bear and other Muppets fame) to make into a film. With a star cast including Rick Moranis of Ghostbusters fame and celebrated stand-up comedian Steve Martin (who already had a series of hilarious films like the Man with two Brains under his belt) the film was a commercial success and is one of many cult films coming out of the 80’s film industry.

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The film centres around a Flower shop and where the main character Seymour works. He is played by Moranis in his most nerdy aspect. He is in love with Audrey a co-worker, but she is going out with sadistic and cruel dentist played by Martin. Seymour’s interest lies with unusual plants and he has just bought a Venus fly trap from a Chinese salesman just as a solar eclipse is happening. He plants the fly trap and names it, Audrey II. He accidently pricks his finger and a drop of blood falls onto Audrey II. To Seymour’s surprise it speaks to him and tells him if he wants it to grow it will need more. Seymour obliges and Audrey II becomes a point of interest and starts bringing visitors to the shop.

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Audrey II needs more blood singing the famous “Feed me NOW!” song but Seymour can’t keep up. Audrey II convinces him to bring Audrey’s boyfriend to the shop and eats him. The shop’s owner sees this and he himself is eaten. This is one plant that has really got out of hand and should have been looked after by Grounds Maintenance Gloucestershire company when it was much smaller to stop it turning into the monster that it became.

After Audrey reveals that she is in love with Seymour he resolves to destroy the now huge Audrey II which he just manages to do. They escape to the suburbs of New York only to find a new smiling tiny Audrey II bud awaits them in the garden of their new home.

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