Is no one watching your video content? Here’s why

After the long process of writing, producing and posting your own series of marketing videos, there’s nothing more frustrating than nobody actually watching the products of your hard work. So, why is it that you’re not getting the views you wanted on your video content? Read on to find out more, and how you can remedy this.

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1. They’re too long

Much like when you see an article which looks too bulky, if people see videos are in excess of a couple of minutes, they’re infinitely less likely to watch them.

People value their time, so your task is to grasp their attention and provide all the information they need in a short space of time.

2. You’re not promoting across all your platforms

If you’ve just posted a video on Facebook, why not link it to all of your other platforms at the same time? This could be as easy as taking an engaging clip and posting a ‘sneak preview’ on your Instagram, in order to lure your audience to the desired video. Following on from this, you could even make use of more targeted platforms such as Snapchat. Relying too heavily on one platform is a sure-fire way to lose out on easy views.

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3. You’re not optimising your videos

Correct use of tags, category and description can make all the difference to whether people choose to engage with your content. Remember, the description should be succinct. This may be a new language to you, but fear not because if so, there are various companies such as; Adwords specialist companies who will be able to optimise your video content, and point you in the right direction when optimising the rest of your site with SEO.

4. It doesn’t evoke any emotion within your viewer

Simply put, whilst you have information to convey, you have to ensure your video is interesting at the same time. Whilst it would be a lot easier to list all the facts you need to tell your viewers in a monotone, this is neither an interesting nor engaging way to do it. Whether it’s humour, sadness or motivation, you want to inspire something in your followers and this will then encourage them not only to remember your video but to share it with others.

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