Ideas for your loft conversion

Having a loft conversion is a popular way to get more living space out of our homes. There are many creative ways to use your attic space, it does not have to be just an extra bedroom. It all depends on your needs and budget. Here are some inspiring and clever ways to use the attic space:

Living area

If you want to use a loft conversion for additional living space, such as a living room or bedroom, then why not really open the room up by choosing low down windows? Loft conversions are inclined to support skylights, which is great for natural light but not so great for the views. By installing large, ceiling to floor windows, you’ll make the most of the great views of high-up. It will surely become your favourite room of the house.

Gaming Room

This is probably the dream of every man and boy and what you’d love to do with the loft conversion. Why not make a dream come true and added couches, game consoles and TVs, a pool table and even a fridge for drinks so you do not have to go downstairs to the kitchen! You may never see your male relatives again!

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Add in a kitchen

The kitchen is probably the last thing you would imagine in a loft conversion, but why not? The difficult sloping ceilings are ideal for a kitchen island with sink and preparation area that sits in middle of the room, so no awkward bending involved. An oven is best placed under where the roof peaks at the highest point. For those with space under the roof, cabinets and units can be fitted. It’s an idea that works very well. For draughts caused by recessed lighting in the loft ceiling, consider Downlight Covers from

Child’s bedroom

Do you have children who want hare but would love their own room? You could consider converting to a child’s room or spare room to be used for sleepovers. Loft space makes fun space for children because of the unique shape. Beds and mezzanines reached by stairs just below the ceiling, will make great comfy nests that the kids will love. When it is not in use, it could be a chill-out zone where it is fun to read, or complete homework.

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Home office

Loft areas are perfect for a home office, with the space under the roof almost made to fit a desk below. Installing a window just above the desk will provide lots of natural light, including sky lights as well. Try to have a window that is low enough to get a good view, which can be stimulating and productive. Having windows that are too high can give a claustrophobic feel.

Luxury Bathroom

For the absolute in relaxation and luxury, consider putting together a bathroom like a spa in which you can unwind after a tough day at work. Narrow spaces can have a day bed with overhead LED lights to look like stars. Consider a claw-foot vintage tub, several sky lights and perhaps some industrial-style exposed brick could turn this room into something very unique and zen-like.

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