We all know that hair needs nourishment so we pick out the best shampoos and conditioners and try not to blow dry it too often. All good advice but did you know you can look after your hair from the inside too? There are many foods that provide great benefit to not only our skin and maintaining a healthy diet but for our hair too. There certain factors that control our hair type, like genetics and environment but by eating these nutrient rich foods – we can improve the look and feel of our hair:

Tangerines – the high vitamin C content makes it easier for you to absorb iron and vitamin B12 encourages hair growth and slows down the growth of grey hairs. For all your hair styling needs, visit Gloucester Hairdressers

Spinach – if you’re suffering from hair loss, it could be the result of a mineral deficiency. Spinach is great for iron and contains sebum which is a natural conditioner. Spinach also contains magnesium, omega-3, potassium and calcium which makes it a true superfood and fantastic for your hair.

Salmon – our bodies cannot make omega-3 oils so it’s important to include these in our diet. The oils act as an anti-inflammatory and help you to keep free from illness. Omega-3 oils found in fish such as salmon and sardines help to promote healthy hair growth.

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Eggs – containing a vital B vitamin called biotin, this helps to maintain strong nails and hair. A deficiency in this vitamin can cause hair loss so if you suffer from thinning hair, make sure to include plenty of eggs in your diet. This vitamin is also found in salmon.

Poultry – when we don’t eat enough protein our muscles can shrink and the same thing happens to our hair. Any hair we lose will not easily be replaced so make sure to eat plenty of fish, lean pork and chicken.

Nuts – cashew nuts contain biotin as already mentioned and walnuts are great for oils that contain elastin which is also vital for hair health. Elastin is the substance that keeps your hair from breaking.

Marmite – love it or hate it, you might want to give it try for the sake of your hair! It contains the most folic acid of all food types and is great for fending off grey hairs.

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Chickpeas – absolutely chock full of vitamin B9, just one cup contains almost 3 times the daily recommended allowance. B vitamins are ideal for hungry hair.

Shiitake mushrooms – bursting with copper which is said to help hair maintain its natural colour. Other foods rich in copper include sesame seeds and seaweed.

Sweet potatoes – orange fruits and veggies are full of something called beta-carotene which encourages glands in your scalp to produce sebum, nature’s conditioner. To fight against dry hair, eat plenty of carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and mangoes.

Oysters – your whole body will benefit from the zinc found in oysters. A zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss, including eyelashes! Crab, lobster and beef also contain good levels of the essential mineral.