Being pregnant is an exciting time and it’s also a time to celebrate with friends and family before baby arrives. That might explain the surge in popularity for holding baby showers, an idea that originates in the United States. If you’ve asked a friend to organise your baby shower, then follow these tips for a relaxing and fun event:

  1. Have faith in your host

You’re not supposed to throw your own baby shower, so you can sit back and let someone else do the organising. This doesn’t mean you can’t help though and it’s a good idea to let your friend know of your preferences, wishes or any absolute no-no’s! Giving your organiser as much help as possible could be beneficial as baby showers can be tricky to organise. There might be guests from different backgrounds, generations and different friend groups. Tradition also states that you shouldn’t pay for anything and guests chip in to cover any expense.

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  1. Picking the right time

A great time to host a baby shower is when you’ve just gone on maternity leave or around 36 weeks. You’ll have more time, feel more relaxed and probably in an excited state, even if you’re a little nervous about impending motherhood. The event should last for about 2 hours. After all, you’re supposed to have your feet up!

  1. To theme or not to theme?

Will it be a casual gathering or something a bit more structured with a theme? Depending on budget, you might like the idea of a spa retreat or pamper party. Alternatively, you can theme a simple afternoon tea with cupcakes and finger sandwiches. The decision to theme will depend on budget, numbers and personal preference.

  1. Guests

A baby shower should be an intimate affair with your nearest and dearest so don’t feel you have to invite the whole family and all your colleagues too. Remember, you can always leave the formal extended family invitations for the christening or naming ceremony. The people at your baby shower should be closest friends, sisters, close colleagues and maybe mum too. Make sure everyone gets along and you won’t have any clashes of personality.

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  1. Presents

If there are items that you want, then set up a registry or tell your organiser to avoid confusion. Gift vouchers are a safe option if you’d rather choose items yourself. Try to go for practical baby items or pampering gifts for yourself as the more formal and traditional gifts will be given at the christening or naming ceremony. For a beautiful range of Ireland Christening Gifts, visit gifts4baby

  1. Games

There are loads of great game ideas online but make sure they are appropriate and won’t embarrass any of your guests. Some games are a little bit crude and while your colleagues and friends might find these hilarious, if you’re inviting granny, she might not be so amused. If you have the time and budget, you might want to consider throwing two separate showers – one for your mates and another for family members.