How to reclaim your overgrown garden

While it is natural to devote the majority of your time, cash and energy to decorating and furnishing your home when you first move in, this can be at the expense of your outside space. Before you know it, the neglected, weed-ridden green area has become a monster-like overgrown garden, which can feel like such a huge job to tackle that simply closing the blinds and forgetting about it becomes your default reaction.

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This is a huge shame. It means missing out on a comfortable place to relax, sunbathe, have morning coffee or weekend barbecues, and a place for your children and pets to play safely. If you are guilty of abandoning all hope, or perhaps you inherited the mess and just haven’t been inspired to tackle it yet, breathe out and read on for some simple tips on how to get it done pretty painlessly.

Step 1 – Make a plan

Break down and allocate tasks and work out a rough timescale for each section. You may need to book specialists to deal with some jobs, especially if they involve tall trees or problem plants such as Japanese knotweed.

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Step 2 – Check for wildlife and obstacles

Wild animals may have made their home in the overgrown areas, or there could just as easily be junk items lurking in the undergrowth that will damage your equipment if not removed.

Step 3 – Get the right tools

Depending on the situation, you may need a lawnmower, hedge cutter, pruning shears, hoe, trowel and edge trimmers. Larger electrical items can always be found in hire shops if necessary. Make sure everything works properly before you get started, and don’t cut corners if anything is broken; for example, using Briggs and Stratton parts bought from a specialist supplier such as will extend your equipment’s life and produce better work.

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Cut down and strip back any overgrown branches, bushes, flowing plants and weeds before tackling any lawned area. The final job to tackle will be the flowerbeds, where you can decide what to keep and what to remove depending on your preferences and the season at the time.

Once your garden is done, indulge in some nice patio furniture and make use of the space. This will ensure you are motivated to keep it looking good.

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