Showers have many benefits over baths, but whether you have a shower curtain or a glass door or screen, keeping it clean can be tricky. Curtains are prone to mould because the folds provide ideal conditions, and glass doors easily show up streaks and smears.

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There are ways to keep your glass crystal clear and looking new.

Little and Often

Without doubt, the best way to keep glass clean is to do it every day. Grabbing the squeegee after every use doesn’t take very long – just a matter of a minute or so – but training the whole family might be harder work. Spray on a daily shower cleaner and off you go. Allow to air dry, and you’re there!

Elbow Grease

Not literally, but using a tumble dryer sheet from your kitchen or laundry room – slightly damp – to scrub the doors is another very simple way but requires more effort. It works because the same ingredients that soften the fabric of your clothes soften the dried soap suds and lift them off. Most glass for shower doors is a required minimum thickness, so you shouldn’t be able to scrub too hard. They come in lots of different styles and finishes, so look out for 12mm shower glass panels from specialist retailers like

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Similarly, you might want to try Bar Keeper’s Friend. Even if you don’t have a bar at home, this apparent one-note cleaner shines all manner of surfaces around the home, including in the bathroom and kitchen, so it could become just a friend!

For a deep clean rather than a regular daily clean, give a Magic Eraser a go: it makes light work of even stubborn soap scum and deposits and then shines your taps and other hardware too.

For more tips on keeping your shower glass looking as good as new, check out the good ideas you can find at How Stuff Works.

Of course, there are plenty of dedicated cleaners and sprays available in supermarkets and retailers, but they can be expensive and not always effective. Many of us have heard tips from friends or family, often that have been passed down but are also ‘old wives’ tales. Find a solution that works for you and stick to it.