A water heating system is a must-have heating appliance in any modern home, but how does it work? Different types of heating cylinders work in different ways, so it is important to take this into consideration when choosing your ideal heating cylinder. Some heating cylinders are powered by gas, electric or are even solar powered – the options are almost endless!

Here are two different examples of heating cylinders that have the same job, but work in different ways:

MaxiPod Thermal Store

This type of heating cylinder stores water which has been heated by immersion heaters or the boiler. If the boiler is the main source of provided heat, then the water is able to be pumped from the thermal store. This supply of heated water can then expand throughout the house, heating the rooms via the radiators and providing the homeowner with a handy space heating system.

The second main water source derives from the mains. It then passes through a heat exchanger, drawing heat from the thermal store. A thermostatic mixing valve is used to adjust water temperature in accordance to the taps being used. This type of heating cylinder is perfect for multi-fuel use such as solar, gas, electric, oil and solid etc.


For a fast and responsive service, you will want to opt for a cylinder that incorporates the classic method for hot water storage together with the innovative use of an internal heat exchanger. This type of heating cylinder is designed to provide a faster response to the user’s specific water demands. So, how does it work?

It’s quite simple really. Heat is transferred by the funnelled heat exchanger to hot water cylinders. It is able to heat up water faster than ever, using the funnel as a type of guide to direct the water to where it needs to go. The funnel also acts as a prevention method, stopping the water from cooling down as it journey’s through.

Which is the right type of Heating Cylinder for my Home?

The heating cylinder you choose is dependent on your individual and specific heating requirements. A well-insulated heating cylinder has the power to store heat for days. Whilst some cylinders use a built-in gas system, for example, many others use an external heat exchanger such as the two mentioned above. These types of heating cylinders tend to be more cost efficient. If you want to reduce heating costs even further, opt for a solar water heating appliance which will heat your water at an extremely low cost rate.

Heating cylinders by Copper Industries offer a range of options to suit every household and business. If you are confused about what kind of heating cylinder is right for you and your home, don’t be afraid to ask a professional for their advice. Installing the right type of heating cylinder ensures a lifetime of hot water and a consistent supply of heat which is readily available if and when you need it.