If you are dreaming of Christmas already or maybe flying around in a mad panic over getting the house up together, then why not look to days gone by and the style of Downton Abbey as inspiration? For a real taste of festive luxury, visit Chatsworth House in the Peak district after November 5th to see how the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire’s stately home is decorated. Of course, we can’t all be Dukes and Duchesses’, so how about trying some of these tips, whether you live in a mansion or a maisonette…

Use the natural foliage… there’s a reason why holly and mistletoe have come to symbolise Christmas. In Victorian times, they were a free Christmas decoration, and still are! Collect seasonal plants when you are out and about and use them to create large elaborate arrangements over a mantelpiece, or pretty table decorations, maybe try placing them around candles for an extra festive Victorian Christmas feel.

Home for Christmas -  Downton Style

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Do you have guests staying over? Make the guest room festive, try changing the colour scheme with a new festive coloured bedspread, http://www.rgcole.co.uk/ are great at giving Essex bedrooms a makeover. How about putting stockings at the foot of the beds, no matter what the guests age? It will go a long way to bringing back that childhood excitement on Christmas day, fill it with Victorian style treats like nuts and sweets, maybe a small wooden toy for the children.

Go to see a carol concert – they are a fun and inexpensive way to get the whole family in the Christmas mood and there are loads around all over the country. Have a look online or in your local paper to find one near to you. If you have children at school, the school may put one on.

Make traditional Victorian style Christmas cards. It is good fun and you can get children involved too. Maybe try some pretty cross stitch designs or follow this guide to making pretty lace Christmas cards.

Christmas food – Downton style Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas pudding! Have a go at making your own, or go out and buy one, there are so many to choose from. Or why not try some chestnuts to complete a real traditional Christmas feast?