You might not think of taxi drivers being entrepreneurs but there’s a lot of hard work involved in being a successful taxi driver and it’s a very competitive business. Your customers can be obnoxious, you can work long hours and you’re expected to be a wealth of information and knowledge. To succeed, you’re going to need exactly the same attributes as an astute businessman and this is why taxi drivers can be entrepreneurs.

Stay one step ahead of the competition with some easy steps. Make sure you keep your cab spotless, your vehicle is in good repair and you always have enough fuel. Clear out any rubbish from previous customers and make sure your cab doesn’t smell. Keep the air con running in the heat and keep it cosy and warm in the winter. Make sure you are well dressed and smart and treat each customer as if they are special and you will soon gain a reputation for one of the best services in your area with plenty of repeat business.

Having the drive to succeed

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Get to know your area like the back of your hand and become an expert in local knowledge. Don’t lose your temper at other drivers, talk on your phone or make random comments about current affairs or politics. Always remember to drive carefully and considerately, only conversing if your passenger wishes to. For Taxi Chester, visit

Make the best use of technology available with up-to-date GPS to get you to and from places efficiently, this will definitely be appreciated by your customers. If you currently only accept payment by cash, consider using a mobile payment device so customers can pay by card and receive a receipt. This really puts your customers first and provides for their ease and convenience. It’s also very useful for customers who need to claim back on expenses.

Make yourself stand out from the rest when you arrive at your destination. Offer to help with any bags, say thanks and remember to hand out a business card. This goes above and beyond what most taxi drivers offer and should be enough for you to secure future bookings with a satisfied customer. This is how any successful entrepreneur would behave and the key is to put the customer experience at the very heart of everything you do.

Nobody is going to get rich quick and there are many businesses that don’t make a penny for the first few months but it’s the perseverance that pays out in the end. Driving might be the easy part but establishing a solid customer base and growing a successful business takes nurturing and time so don’t become impatient and expect to have it all sussed in a few weeks. Becoming the very best at what you do isn’t something that happens overnight but by following steps to put the customer first and offering a first class service will pay dividends in the long term.