Haunted Leicestershire – Explore Belgrave Hall

Set in the North of the County of Leicestershire in the heart of England, this old grade 2 listed hall is reportedly one of the most haunted locations in Leicestershire, if not in the United Kingdom. Built in 1709, there are centuries of history hidden in this old hall – and many former residents and visitors who don’t seem to want to leave!

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In 1998, the old hall was in the media spotlight, when a ghost seemed to be caught on a CCTV camera for the first time ever. Paranormal investigators from the International Society for Paranormal Research later put the image down to a falling leaf, or another environmental factor, but the debate still rages on, as many believe that this is a genuine ghost caught on camera. It seems to be a figure, hovering outside a window of the building before disappearing over a wall. It even made the news – you can see it for yourself here and decide – is it a  leaf or is there something more sinister shown on the tape?

The lady ghost seen on the tape is thought to be Charlotte Ellis – seen in traditional Victorian dress, she was one of the seven daughters of resident of the hall, John Ellis, a businessman who is credited with bringing the railways to Leicester. Charlotte lived in the house until 1917 where she died aged 81. Despite the fact that paranormal investigators have written the incident off as a falling leaf, many people who have been to the Belgrave Hall are certain that it is indeed haunted. One of the most common sightings is also of a lady in Victorian dress, believed to be Charlottes’ sister, Sarah-Jayne, seen on the staircase or gazing out of the window over the grounds. Many other odd events have been reported by visitors, such as unexplained smells of cooking, ghostly shadows and footsteps heard in rooms that apparently nobody is in.

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Even if you are not particularly interested in the paranormal side of things, Belgrave Hall is still worth a visit at this time of the year in particular for it’s beautiful gardens. If you do happen to encounter a spooky sight however you might need a stiff drink – you won’t have far to hunt for mobile bar hire Leicester company http://www.elliottgeorgebars.co.uk/  who will be able to provide you with just the thing!

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