If you’ve made the decision to renovate an area of your home such as a kitchen or bathroom then you’ll need to know that there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye. It often involves demolition, plumbing, electrical work, drywall work, tiling, concrete and roofing – to name just a few. Before starting any home project, it’s always a good plan to check you have everything you need so you don’t get stuck half way through an important job. Here is a handy guide featuring the tools that every handyman should have close by:

For any knocking down, knocking through or just general demolition type activities then make sure you have a solid steel framing Hammer with ripping claw. This tool is pretty indestructible and an absolute must.

Very importantly, you’ll need a pair of good quality safety glasses to help keep your eyes protected from dust and flying debris. It’s probably best to get more than one pair as they will get dirty and probably broken at some point too.

An extension cord is vital to activate those power tools when you’re not near a powerpoint. Get a long one, 50 foot or longer, and a shorter one too. When purchasing, make sure that they have a large enough gauge to handle your most powerful tool.

Don’t overlook the need for a broom. The cleaner your work area, the safer it will be so get a dustpan and brush too and clean up as you go to save you the hassle of a massive clean up at the end. Remove waste from your work site too. For Skip Hire In Swansea, visit http://pendragoncarmarthenshire.co.uk/.

Handy things for Handymen

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Ladders are another essential and you shouldn’t ever be tempted to stand on things like boxes or buckets. This is dangerous and trust me, you’ll feel like it’s the start of an episode of Casualty! Make sure you a step ladder, a step stool and an extension ladder freely available.

Lighting is another key requirement as you’ll be struggling if you can’t clearly see what you’re doing. Such a set up should include hanging and freestanding lighting and for small, dark places you might find a hands-free option, like a headlamp, is extremely useful.

Kicking up lots of dust and tiny bits of debris is a hazard of any renovation or remodeling work. Make sure you have dust masks as you don’t want to damage your lungs. If you have extra grubby work to do, such as pulling down old plaster, then you might want to think about a dust mask with a cartridge respirator.

Rolls of tape are not very exciting but you’ll sorely miss them if you don’t have them to hand. You’ll likely need a variety of types such:

  • Electrical – for binding fishing tape to a cable that you’re fishing through a wall or ceiling.
  • Masking – to ensure clean lines while painting and almost any odd job.
  • Plumbing – for creating water-tight connections.
  • Duct – for patching tarps.