Are you one of the rare individuals who actually use your garage for the purpose it was made for? That purpose being the storing of vehicles and tools associated with said vehicles. Most people have a garage full of junk and random cardboard boxes, which can be very annoying and tiresome when you decide you might actually want to put your car inside. Having an orderly and well-equipped garage makes work possible and more enjoyable. Here are some great ideas for making the most of your garage space for tinkering with automobiles or storing outdoor and garden paraphernalia.

  • A lot of light is a necessity when working in a garage as fumbling around in the semi-darkness trying to fix an intricate part is soul-destroying and time-consuming. Don’t think it’s all about the brightness though as the true benefits come from a well-lit area, meaning lots of clean, diffuse light coming from several different sources to prevent shadows.
  • Storage is definitely a necessity as garages tend to accumulate an awful lot of stuff. You need somewhere to keep things in a semblance of order. Some shelving and tool cabinets will certainly be required to aid your master diy skills. For Garage Shelving, visit
  • A First Aid Kit might not be top of your list but you’ll be glad of it when you need it. Skinned knuckles and cuts can occur very easily when working on cars or gardening as there are lots of sharp edges and things that require twisting or forcing. There are numerous ways to obtain an injury so having a stash of bandages and antiseptic wipes will come in very handy for those occasional scrapes.

Getting your Garage in Gear

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  • An air compressor is a bit of luxury but will open up a whole new world of opportunities that it’s worth the investment. You’ll be able to use air tools, inflate tyres, blow stuff clean and dry parts with ease. Go on, imagine the fun you’ll have!
  • A good bench vise will be like a third hand when something needs to be held firm, when force needs to be applied, while glue dries or any other reason you can think of for using one. If you’re serious about your garage then you need one of these in your life.
  • A fire extinguisher is the kind of thing that is easily overlooked but when something goes wrong, you’ll be glad you’ve got one to hand. If you’re working in an enclosed space with gasoline and other assorted flammable materials and an energy source then you’ve got all the ingredients for something to go up in flames. Don’t let your hard work be trashed and more importantly, protect yourself and have one of these to hand.

Getting your Garage in Gear2

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  • Plenty of workbench space is also kind of a necessity. A good workbench is as vital as the walls and roof and will help keep parts organised as you work on them and also enable you to keep tools within easy reach.