Although some of us still use garages to secure our cars, many contain much more. Now commonly used as storage for bicycles, ladders, DIY equipment, gardening tools, and camping equipment, this all equals a valuable haul for any thief.

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Detached garages

Detached garages have a vehicle door and occasionally a pedestrian door. Garages overlooked from a street are usually more secure than garages at the back of a garden. A block of garages is problematic, especially if located out of sight from the owner’s dwelling.

Attached garages

A pedestrian door leads directly from the house. Once again, those overlooked are the most secure, with those with no vehicle door the most insecure. There is also a risk of an intruder gaining access to the house from an integral garage, therefore extra precautions should be considered. A modern house will have a fire resistant interconnecting door to the garage but these are not security doors.

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Improving garage door security

With people losing over £928 million in burglaries, it is vital to make our properties as secure as possible. For a Emergency Locksmiths in Cheltenham or local to you look at companies such as .  You can ask locksmith companies about all sorts of security and advice on these matters.

Roller shutter doors: To improve the protection of automatic roller shutter doors, hire a certified supplier to fit any additional locks. Ensure locks are properly certified to security standards.

Up and over doors: Most doors with have a central lock handle operating on a steel cable and spring loaded bolt. Doors can be forced open with a thin tool forcing down the bolt, so locks could be added inside if you have a pedestrian door to leave by or add a padlock to the door runners. If not, add separate padlocks and bolts designed for garage doors.

Double side-hung doors: These doors should be secured with a staple, padlock and large hasp, attached with coach bolts.

Improving pedestrian door security

House to garage doors: A burglar can force themselves through the pedestrian door to gain access to the house. To improve the security of the door, consider installing a secure and fire resistant door.

Inside the garage

Purchase steel containers to protect chemicals, flammable products and power tools from burglars and fix to the floor with expandable bolts. Wall brackets and ground anchors with chains can also secure motorcycles, bicycles and gardening tools.